Katakijin 1.1

Intense action in this ninja platformer


  • Simple, entertaining game
  • Different ninja movements
  • Doesn't require installation


  • Sometimes it's too difficult

Very good

Sometimes simpler is better. This is the case of Katakijin, a fun, simple platform game with a cute ninja as the main character.

Katakijin is perfect for taking a break during work and have some easy fun fighting any enemies you stumble upon in the most authentic ninja style. The game doesn't have realistic graphics at all; on the contrary, it reminds me of those good old arcades we used to play 15 years ago, because it mixes elements of platform games with side-scrolling games.

This graphic simplicity doesn't mean Katakijin is a bad game. In a way it makes it even more attractive. Also, don't let yourself be fooled by the game's apparent plainness: it can be more difficult that it seems. Your character, a small ninja, has to make his way through endless levels full of enemies and other obstacles you must overcome with your special ninja movements and weapons. And when you find two or three enemies together, you have to work hard to beat them up!

Katakijin is a simple, action-packed game with typical characteristic from old arcades and which will enable you to have fun for a while.



Katakijin 1.1

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